Monday, February 21, 2011

Negative Thoughts Bother Me

Why do negative thoughts enter my mind? Well there are two routes that need to be considered. Negative thoughts are generally triggered unconsciously in course of our daily lives.  Route #1 is when negative thoughts surface as the result of a current event stimulating a memory of a previous event to release a root belief from that event For example: a rooted belief could be “I am not good enough”. The other route is when the current event stimulates the audio portion of the memory and releases the direct statement recorded in the brain, like “You will never be any good at anything”. Understand that both routes of delivery are disempowering.  You have no idea where they came from. Both influence you by running in the background but cause you to think negative ways. The positive thing is it is possible to make a shift in both, and neutralize the influence on you, so it no longer affects you. Transformation can occur quickly.

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