Monday, February 28, 2011

Core Beliefs have the Power to Heal or Be Destructive

“Your core beliefs have the power to be more healing or destructive than anything else in the world” - Dr. Bill 2010

The human brain forms beliefs about everything it experiences throughout one’s life. Belief by definition is the mental acceptance of an action, idea, statement or thought as being true even though it may not be. A belief is a subjective attitude that is formed in relationship to an experience. The content of a belief is accepted by the brain based on the degree of emotional reaction the. The greater the emotional response to the belief the more it becomes rooted and believed to be true.
It is individual beliefs that make up a human’s belief system. The belief system can motivate the human toward success or be a barrier to growth and cause an act of self-sabotage. Past beliefs also determine a human’s behavior, emotions, life responses and thoughts.  
There is hope…..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mental Food Series has a New Location

Mental Food Series that has been so successful on Facebook will be connected to this Blog and Twitter. I will now offer expanded discussion on my Mental Food Quotes.
“Health is when you realize that you are no longer a product of your past”
It is not our memories which turns our lives upside down, but the shadows that attach themselves to the memory which causes our pain. A common thought by a lot of people is that we are “defined by our past”. This could not be further from reality.  It is not the recording of our past that defines us, but it is the core belief that formed and over time roots into our subconscious flavoring our present. A rooted belief surfaces when a present event stimulates their renewal. It is the mindset we hold today which determines our health.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Negative Thoughts Bother Me

Why do negative thoughts enter my mind? Well there are two routes that need to be considered. Negative thoughts are generally triggered unconsciously in course of our daily lives.  Route #1 is when negative thoughts surface as the result of a current event stimulating a memory of a previous event to release a root belief from that event For example: a rooted belief could be “I am not good enough”. The other route is when the current event stimulates the audio portion of the memory and releases the direct statement recorded in the brain, like “You will never be any good at anything”. Understand that both routes of delivery are disempowering.  You have no idea where they came from. Both influence you by running in the background but cause you to think negative ways. The positive thing is it is possible to make a shift in both, and neutralize the influence on you, so it no longer affects you. Transformation can occur quickly.

I am Now on Twitter

I just signed up for Twitter. My username is @DrBillLifeCoach
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

D.I.D. Life Coaching vGroup

I want to tell everyone how happy I am about how the D.I.D. Life Coaching vGroup is progressing. The community has completed two sessions and it has grown. All the community members are involved and from their homework feedback are gaining from the experience. A connection and hopefully ownership is happening between the community members. Reports from members, “I have a place and others like me to connect with. I do not feel alone.” “I get to do this from the safety of my own home and network with others.”
Using the median of Skype has been better than I could ever expect. The conversations are lively. The added advantage to this virtual group is that each member and coach can see each other. “When in a semi-circle group setting in a room, there were a lot of members I could not see. They were like secret members. On Skype I clearly see everyone when they talk. Very helpful.”

"Sharing with others is courageous and freeing" ~ Dr. Bill