Monday, February 28, 2011

Core Beliefs have the Power to Heal or Be Destructive

“Your core beliefs have the power to be more healing or destructive than anything else in the world” - Dr. Bill 2010

The human brain forms beliefs about everything it experiences throughout one’s life. Belief by definition is the mental acceptance of an action, idea, statement or thought as being true even though it may not be. A belief is a subjective attitude that is formed in relationship to an experience. The content of a belief is accepted by the brain based on the degree of emotional reaction the. The greater the emotional response to the belief the more it becomes rooted and believed to be true.
It is individual beliefs that make up a human’s belief system. The belief system can motivate the human toward success or be a barrier to growth and cause an act of self-sabotage. Past beliefs also determine a human’s behavior, emotions, life responses and thoughts.  
There is hope…..

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