Friday, July 5, 2013

Addiction Recovery Southwest Florida

New Method for Achieving Sobriety in Southwest Florida

Can't get what you want?  Confused? No direction?     Keep relapsing?
Recovery is hard to do on your own. Coaching and mentoring can be a tremendous advantage and support. Major inroads have been made addiction treatment, but there are still holes in our system as far as recovery.  As a consequence, alcoholism and drug addiction recovery continues to be misunderstood for sober addicts.  They continue to believe they have a disease that they have to try to conquer on their own or to recover from in anonymity for fear after leaving a 28 day addiction treatment program. Thoughts of being damaged or disease race through their heads constantly with left alone and makes them uncomfortable in social situations whether at school, a job or with their family.
Having an addiction coach / recovery mentor can increase your ability to reduce your chances of relapse and create new positive patterns.