Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thought Addiction: Recognition is Growing in Southwest Florida

“Thanks to all and to all happy thoughts” 
I did a search on Thought Addiction and what did I see but that my blog "Post-traumatic Stress Disorder & Thought Addiction ( ) was #1 on Google Search for Thought Addiction. 

In fact this morning I was also #2 for my HUB article on Thought Addiction: The Truth at as well as #6 and #8 on first page. That is huge and I am grateful to all. 

On the second Google Search page my Thought Addiction Assessment is #8 there. If you want to find out if you might have a Thought Addiction -TA, take the assessment I have created to help anyone figure it out in the comfort of your home and grade it.

 I have worked hard to get this recognized for Thought Addiction (TA) and it is starting to get the recognition it deserves. As I have always said “Every addiction starts with a thought” and “Once sober all you are left with is the thought that started addiction to a substance, emotion, behavior or even a thought.”  

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