Monday, August 15, 2011

Dissertation Coach in Ft Myers, Florida

Feeling stuck in attempting to complete your Ph.D. dissertation?

I have been honored to coach some Ph.D. candidates toward their intention to complete their dissertations. These candidates reside in Florida as well as all over the country. The journey through the dissertation phase of a Ph.D. can be very rocky and frustrating. There are a lot of individuals who get stuck in this portion of the journey and some give up and remain ABD (all but dissertation). In my coaching practice I offer a customized dissertation action plan for Ph.D. candidates to assist them through this process. Choosing and dealing with their topic direction, dissertation committee, and being consistent with researching and writing.

I offer support and guidance coaching through the whole process to help candidates reach their goals of completion. I wish I had this availability to such a coach when I went through writing my dissertation and dealing with my committee. Attempting to do the process alone can be very scary.
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