Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Information on SRTT or Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique

Couple days ago I posted "Exciting News" blog about my recent certification in SRTT. Many people have asked me for more information about it. Here is a link to Dr. Wanis’s, founder of the technique, webpage on SRTT -  
On the page, you can find a lot of detail on SRTT. Halfway down the page there is a link you can click and find out all the Clinicians and Life Coaches who are certified in the country.
Thank you for the interest.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rapid Reduction Technique® Updated to 2.0 – A New Life Skill

Everyone is influenced by their past life experiences. You accumulate a core belief with each life event you experience. These core beliefs become rooted in your subconscious and sometimes block what you want to accomplish. Old rooted beliefs surface at the most unexpected times and influence how you think and behave without your knowledge. Do not be a slave to unconscious beliefs any longer.
Well now there is a way to stop the hold old rooted beliefs have on you - Rapid Reduction Technique® 2.0 (RRT® 2.0).  Rapid Reduction Technique® 2.0 is an enhancement to the original RRT® that has been so successful for so many survivors for a decade. RRT® 2.0 works for anyone who is just bother, consciously or subconsciously, by an embedded belief that influences how well you function. An example of a rooted belief is “I am not good enough” or “I do not deserve”. Embedded beliefs like these can be a barrier to you being a success, having a healthy relationship or getting a college degree.
RRT® 2.0 helps you to wipe out a self restricting rooted belief while assisting you to shift to a new, empowering belief. RRT® 2.0 takes longer than the original RRT® but the advantages of RRT® 2.0 are so much more. Not only does RRT® 2.0 decrease the intensity of and eliminate the rooted belief and disconnect the trigger, but this updated method also helps you uncover the root cause, shift you to a new mindset, dissolve the resistance, and change the core value, as well as disable the associated disempowering emotions. So do not wait, free yourself of the barriers that impede you from achieving your future intentions and perform better in your personal life as well as your professional life. Transforming your life is possible. 

Exciting News

I would like to share some exciting news. Last September I enrolled in a training course to increase my coaching skills with Dr. Patrick Wanis, Ph.D., Celebrity Life Coach. Dr. Wanis has been on Fox News, CNN, Dr. Phil Show and Oprah as well as many radio shows. He has written books and offers DVDs on his techniques. The course was on Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique or SRTT. He only accepted 17 students in the country for the course.
The training course was 7 weeks long with a field practicum reviewed and supervised personally by him. I benefited and gained a lot of knowledge from Dr. Wanis’s teaching and mentoring.  I learned in depth how to work with the subconscious or emotional mind. I felt the experience was well worth the hard work, assignments, time and study.
I am proud to announce that today I received my certification. Out of the 17 students who enrolled, I was 1 of 5 who completed the certification process. Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique is for individuals who would like to learn why they have been stuck in their life and not having the life they are seeking.
I am now one of 5 certified by Dr. Wanis in the country to conduct SRTT. SRTT is a very powerful healing and transformational tool that I can add to my coaching practice to mentor others seeking change in their lives.

Friday, January 14, 2011

You Don’t Need to Disappear to be Safe

In my many years of helping others I have heard the statement “I just want to disappear” over and over from depressed people when they feel that their life is out of control. Many think that “disappearing” is a way to stay safe. Just disappearing is not the answer. Many who experience crisis in their life or failed relationships want to hide. He or she reverts to cutting ties with family, friends or support system, sinking into addiction, isolating or withdrawing. Distorted thinking that breeds out of being alone, such as “if I am alone and do not interact with others then I will not be hurt” are not the answer and in fact end up making them more unsafe.
The more we are alone, the more doubt enters the mind. This leads to self judgment and thoughts of weakness or a feeling of being “less than”. If others perceive that him or her is weak then there is a good chance they will be hurt again.
What is the answer? To be honest it is the opposite behavior that keeps him or her safe. By being social and increasing our social contacts, being more with family and friends, the support system will begin to generate different thoughts patterns.  Then the perception that he or she gives off will be one of strength. Really it is what we give off to others that keep us safe.