Thursday, February 10, 2011

D.I.D. Life Coaching vGroup

I want to tell everyone how happy I am about how the D.I.D. Life Coaching vGroup is progressing. The community has completed two sessions and it has grown. All the community members are involved and from their homework feedback are gaining from the experience. A connection and hopefully ownership is happening between the community members. Reports from members, “I have a place and others like me to connect with. I do not feel alone.” “I get to do this from the safety of my own home and network with others.”
Using the median of Skype has been better than I could ever expect. The conversations are lively. The added advantage to this virtual group is that each member and coach can see each other. “When in a semi-circle group setting in a room, there were a lot of members I could not see. They were like secret members. On Skype I clearly see everyone when they talk. Very helpful.”

"Sharing with others is courageous and freeing" ~ Dr. Bill

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