Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Musing" to Shift DID Systems

One of my passions is to deeply understand the world of DID systems. Not only do I believe that the formation of DID is a normal response to an overwhelming life event, but also DID is a powerful defensive process against repetitive abuse and trauma.
For decades this "alternative world" was painted in negative light. For 14 years, I have been looking to develop a method to help individuals with DID systems to have a more cohesive life without crisis, chaos, separateness and constant episodes of terror. I think I have found a positive method from the life coaching I have been doing with DID clients. That method is "musing". Muses have been a huge inspiration for poets, writers and artists dating back to pre- Greek and Roman times. In reference to DID systems, musing is facilitating a massive shifting of the system's mindset from protective compartmentalization to collective inspiration.  Through musing, a system (or as one of my clients called her system her "troops") stops focusing on possible threats and turns all energy toward being the inspirational and creative energy for the whole. Under this new mindset everyday is a blank canvas on which the muses create a new painting. Life then becomes art and not something to avoid.
This method has been embraced by many systems and I have witnessed quick mindset shifts and dramatic results. No matter where you are on the continuum, healing is possible. To participate and gain the benefits of this exciting method, go to  Learn more by reading my HUB Article

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  1. I was diagnosed with DID last July. I did something similar to the method you are referring to. My "muse" if you will, was God. I led each one of my "peeps" (as I referred to them) to the knowledge of God and that He is the creator, that He can heal my pain. I experienced drastic changes in the last six months. The conflict between the parts quickly dissipated and they began to work together. I fully integrated in June. An amazing experience to be living life full and not separate anymore. I can't encourage people enough to work towards integration. I have never been happier. Not saying that all the memories and problems have gone away, but I am actually dealing with them now. And even though it is hard, it is good! I journaled regularly and was able to give my peeps a voice. To allow them to see we were all on the same side.