Monday, March 28, 2011

Mistakes Enrich the Soul

Many people are very frightened and apprehensive to make a mistake. They become so afraid that they isolate from life, so it is not possible to make a mistake. The more afraid we are to make a mistake, the less willing we are to risk, the more we are restricted and stuck. Therefore our Soul becomes deprived of the nutriments needed to thrive.
Therefore don't let past life mistakes determine your future. We all make mistakes. Without mistakes we cannot learn and transform. No one is perfect.  So we cannot allow them to define who we are.


  1. Dr. Bill, thank you for your insight and your inspiration. This article is awesome. As one of your clients I can say this works. I have moved forward faster than I ever thought I could. I actually was not even thinking I would be capable of moving forward at all. Thank You!!!
    Mary R.

  2. Really nice words. It has been your hard work that got you to where you are today.