Thursday, April 28, 2011

Results on Rooted Core Belief Survey

I wanted to share the results of the survey I conducted on Facebook. The question was “When doubt surfaces in you due to problems or stress in your life, what you think first?” I wanted to know the first thought that surfaced when a person was faced with stressful or overwhelming life events. I wanted to compare it to other surveys and what I was noticing in people I have been coaching. I though this knowledge was very important to increase understanding of why some people experience barriers when attempting to be successful in their life.

The people who participated had three choices: 1. “I am not good enough”; 2. “I do not deserve to___” or “I do not measure up”. The results were very interesting. The number one rooted core belief reported by the individuals who participated was “I am not good enough”. This rooted core belief was found to be the #1 in many other surveys and the number one reported by people I coach. This rooted core belief reflected the person’s self-perceive weaknesses or the skills they think they are lacking. The second most common was “I do not measure up to ____”. This one reflects that under stress people tend to compare themselves with others. The last reported was “I do not deserve to ____”. This rooted core belief tends to reflect the issue of permission or the right to heal old wounds, be rewarded or succeed. 

The good news is that all three can be shifted and no longer be a barrier to personal growth or success.


  1. thank you for the results of the quiz and meanings behind the choices. I found it ironic that I was just stressing over wanting to buy a certain home and started comparing other women to me. I even went so far as to rant "I bet if Kate Middleton wants a certain home she gets it!! Hopefully I will kick this habit/belief to the curb!

  2. Appreciate the comments on the quiz. Remember that you are unique and one of a kind.