Monday, November 21, 2011

How do I move forward with an unprocessed trauma memory?

I have great questions that come to me from individuals seeking freedom from traumatic memories and flashbacks. They tend to have trouble moving forward due to unprocessed traumatic memory or flashbacks. The aforementioned is a question and an answer that needs to be shared, so here is my opinion. I hope it is helpful to all of the individuals who have asked this question.

“If the focus of healing is on old unprocessed memories or destructive behavior patterns, then more than likely an individual will remain stuck in the past at the expense of the present. It is my belief that the real problem is the negative core beliefs that are attached to the memories. The core beliefs are being triggered at the same time as the unprocessed memories surface. As long as negative core beliefs are allowed to remain embedded in the subconscious, the individual will continue to be stuck in past images and repeat the same behavior patterns as well as display the same emotional reactions. What a person believes about self is based on the content of the accumulated core beliefs which trap him or her in the past at the cost of their present life. When a current event occurs and something from the event triggers a past core belief, the core belief then surfaces and causes a thought, emotion or behavior.

In over two decades of directly working with abuse and trauma survivors, I witnessed survivors attempting to process past trauma with no avail. Without any new skills, they continued to be triggered and stuck repeating the same things over and over again.

Research has demonstrated that it is impossible to change recollections, erase them or achieve amnesia from unprocessed memories that have been already recorded. There is a different way. The new focus of my life coaching program helps an individual to discover his or her old negative core beliefs that have formed and that are directly affecting their thinking, emotions and behavior. Life coaching is about learning new skills to assist an individual to identify his or her hidden negative core beliefs, and shift the core beliefs which unblocks them from being barriers. The action of shifting negative core beliefs and installing new ones dramatically cut off the triggers that make the negative core beliefs surface and thus the emotional reactions and behaviors will stop. Creating a new belief system is possible. It is concentrated work, but the results are extremely positive.”

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