Friday, October 21, 2011

Imagination is the Power to Success

"All change stems from our imagination. Imagination is capable of turning mind energy into a vision and success."  --Dr Bill

“How do I change my life in a positive way?”

Simply use your imagination. Imagination is one of our most powerful tools available to us.  Imagination is the one thing within us, as humans, that gives us the amazing ability to "create".  Think about it.  Our imagination can truly assist us in creating something new? Everything that we been created in the world has stemmed from the seed in someone's imagination. Everyone has this ability. Our imagination contains the magnificent power to generate thoughts or concepts (those intentions we wish, or desire or expect) which can be manifested in the future. Every idea dream and every goal can be achieved by accessing our creative mind.  And, with a little effort, focus and practice, a constant flow of ideas will come to with ease.  This is the brilliance of our human brain.

In order to access our imagination we have to spend time with our self.  Find a peaceful environment, get quiet, be calm, and ask for guidance with or inspiration about a specific desire or idea.  Focus on the desire or idea and say it aloud, then remain quiet and calm...and notice the flow of thoughts that come to mind.  Listen and hear the answers.  Write them all down. Do not discount or rationalize any thoughts that come to mind. Then, rest in the faith that our imagination generates additional ideas and solutions. Know that imagination possesses all the energy needed to continue generating more ideas and solutions on the way to accomplishing success in our lives. Believe, have faith and harvest the rewards. The more we practice the easier success will come and our imagination will open to its abundance.

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  1. Excellent blog on creativity and imagination. Everyone does indeed possess these assets. Sometimes a person may stifle or limit themselves in their expression of imagination/creativity out of a fear of appearing foolish. Many inventions (electricity, cell phones, etc.) likely seemed impossible and/or absurd at the time, and the person as "crazy". Yet those very inventions are a critical part of our everyday life now. It goes to show how one needs to listen to their inner imagination and creativity even when it may not coincide with the general "norm". Thanks for elaborating on the subject and providing specific ways to utilize and enhance these precious gifts.