Friday, December 31, 2010

Transformation is Possible

“Transformation is a process that frees the mind and heals the soul. In order to achieve a state of transformation, one must identify what is, release it and move toward what can be.”
A new opportunity is upon us with the onset of a new year. Focus on moving toward healing and success by seeking "Transformation of Self". Imagine that our mind and body are like a vessel. The events of the past year have filled our vessel with all type of experiences, emotions and thoughts, which can be either negative or positive. Once the vesssel is filled, the vessel cannot take on anymore. Our vessel becomes overloaded and unable to move in any direction. We tend to hold on to the cargo through false perceptions, fears, resentments or rooted beliefs. To enter into a state of transformation, the vessel needs to be unloaded of the old cargo to allow new cargo to be taken aboard. Let go of the old so that you have the space to allow new experiences, emotions and thoughts to be accepted. Anything is possible.

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  1. You are right anything is possible. Since you are my life coach I am proud that I am doing all things for me and I am growing so much faster than I would with "therapy" I said today to you.. I was able to let say I am not disablied I can function and I am taking care of me.. thanks Linda