Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Core Beliefs: The Hidden Barrier to Success

I have worked with, studied and helped others with discovering their barriers to the success they would like to achieve. I would like to impart an example of how the formation and process of core beliefs happens.

My expertise has been on memory and how it affects how one thinks, acts and feels. I have discovered that during the time the brain is recording a life event a core belief forms that develops a belief about the person simultaneously. So with every event that is record there is a corresponding core belief forms and over time the core belief roots its self to the memory and sits in the shadow of the memory. Now flash to the present, when you are experiencing a life event the association triggers a past rooted core belief and it is the rooted core belief that determines how the person will react, think or feel unknown to the person. 

For example to help you understand: I am in elementary school and I am waiting for my grade for a test I studied hard for and I thought I did well on. My teacher comes to my desk, drops my test on the desk and I see that I got a D on the test (that is the memory). My teacher looks at me and says “I do not think that you can pass my course because you are not smart enough, so the core belief that forms is “I am not good enough (the #1 core belief for majority of people) or I am not smart enough or I cannot perform as well as others”. Flash to the present and I am at my job, I produce a report and a co-worker looks at me and says, “why did you not go to college, you are so smart” (the trigger). The memory of elementary school does not surface, but unknown to me the rooted core belief surfaces in my mind and out of my mouth I say “I am not smart enough”. To make a long story short rooted core beliefs from the past rule how a person functions in the present. The coaching I do, I guide individuals to examine their rooted core belief s, examine how the belief can be a barrier to their success and then assist them to shift their rooted beliefs to positive and open them to reach their maximum potential in their life today. Shifting core beliefs is possible, powerful and can be a reality. 

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